Optimise 3D CAD data for web, VR and AR with NeoSpace

NeoSpace opens up a lucrative side job for your 3D CAD data

Present 3D CAD data online in a visually appealing way

Browsers, operating systems and apps have learned to display 3D visualisations. This opens up possibilities for product presentations, marketing and sales. You no longer have to rely on your visitors being able to visualise a two-dimensional picture, but can let them interactively view the product from all sides.

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User Friendly

User Friendly

Visualise 3D data quickly and easily. No prior knowledge necessary.


Thanks to the modular structure, you can use the functions you really need.


Significantly reduce the file size of your 3D CAD data - with just a few clicks.
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For marketing:

  • Present products in a simpler and more tangible way
  • No long training in complicated 3D programs
  • Easily receive appropriately prepared CAD data
  • Reduced amount of data for a quick presentation on the web

For the designer:

  • Show products quickly without long loading times
  • Easily present highly visual models to stakeholders
  • Implementation of animations

For business developers:

  • Use of the latest technologies to support service, marketing and sales
  • Avoidance of individual developments such as AR applications or digital manuals

How small can your CAD data get?

Arrange a demo and we'll show you just how small! your CAD data can get without losing any quality!

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Modules and Functions

NeoSpace Scene

NeoSpace Scene

Import 3D models and place them in a visually appealing environment
NeoSpace Material

NeoSpace Material

Assign and adapt materials quickly and easily
NeoSpace Optimize

NeoSpace Optimize

Considerable compression with no loss of quality
NeoSpace Animate

NeoSpace Animate

Adopt animations from 3D models or simply create them yourself
NeoSpace Manual

NeoSpace Manual

Create digital manuals with 3D, video, images and text
NeoSpace Embed

NeoSpace Embed

Easily integrate 3D models into websites - with fast loading times

Download: NeoSpace full version and free GLB viewer

To use NeoSpace to its full potential, you need a license key that you can purchase from us.

Without a license key NeoSpace can be used as a free GLB viewer.


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