NeoSpace Module

NeoSpace is a new product that is growing rapidly. We will soon be adding in additional modules.

NeoSpace Optimize: Drastically reduce the file size of large 3D data without any loss of quality

Integrate product representations and 3D models into the web without loss of quality or long loading times - this is now possible with NeoSpace Optimize: CAD data is reduced by up to 99% so that it can be optimally displayed on the web. 3D data are reduced thanks to clever compression and simplification mechanisms.

Sounds complicated? We assure you that it is simple. With our “One-Click-Solution”, the 3D data is delivered with less MB, constant quality in real time, with just one click.

So nothing stands in the way of your unique appearance on the web!

The reduction in the number of polygons enables the data size to be further compressed; textures will also be further compressed in the future.


Model Original size Optimized Reduced by Individual parts
Helicopter 9,92 MB 1,39 MB 86% 449
Bicycle 58,3 MB 6,43 MB 89% 841
Knife head 1,15 MB 152 KB 87% 205

NeoSpace material: quick materialisation via drag and drop

With NeoSpace Materials you can quickly and without prior knowledge design your 3D model with the materials and colors of your choice. The extensive library with preconfigured materials shortens the originally lengthy process. Using drag and drop, you can generate impressive and realistic results in less than 10 minutes.

The professional mode offers you additional features to be able to assign textures or other subtleties to the 3D model.

NeoSpace Share: easy to share with customers or colleagues

Do you want to share your results with your customers and/or colleagues after they have been created? With NeoSpace Share they can easily view the results on the web, in the (NeoSpace)App or in the CMC ViewR. An integrated cloud storage gives you convenient access to the data.

The optional password protection allows you to control access to your model. Easily embed your 3D model into your own website.

NeoSpace Animate: create a holistic digital experience

Creating animations often requires extensive knowledge and time. With NeoSpace Animate you can save a lot of time and effort when creating and editing animations. You can create realistic animations without a long training period and, if necessary, manage several animations at the same time. This way, you can quickly bring your static CAD model to life and create a digital experience.

The creation of animations can also be transferred to the App, Manual, Showroom and Configurator.


NeoSpace Manual: Creating added value through digital services

Create step-by-step instructions using NeoSpace Manual. Your customised digital manuals will create a unique selling point for your service by incorporating 3D models, images and videos. Interactive elements such as checklists or info boxes can be added to create a user-friendly experience.

Once created, the manual can be easily accessed via NeoSpace Mobile or on the web. You save on service costs in the long term and create added value digitally.

NeoSpace Scene: set the scene with the right environment

Design the environment of your 3D model yourself or use the templates of our library. The suitable background, lighting or different dimensions ensure that your model is set in the right light. With additional features you can immediately get information about your 3D model or add comments to highlight features or explanations.

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